It’s been a weird week, hasn’t it? We’re sheltering in place. Students are doing school and piano lessons from home, and we’re all wondering how long we’ll need to do this. I’m grateful for your enormous flexibility this week, and proud of all the piano students who did so well with online lessons.

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 21, 2020), I’m going to host a virtual piano student hangout with Zoom from 10:00 to 10:40 a.m.

I’d love for piano students or their parents to log in for any reason at all. You can stay for a few minutes, or stay the whole time.

Log in . . .

    • Just to say hi.
    • To ask a question.
    • To tell me a joke.
    • To introduce me to your pet.
    • To test your Zoom setup in preparation for your next lesson.
    • To play one of your pieces for everyone in the room.
    • To practice with other people around so you don’t feel alone. (We’ll mute your practicing to the group, though.)

Many students did really beautiful playing this week, with some pieces pretty much recital-ready. I would love for you to drop by online and play those pieces for a virtual audience tomorrow.

To log in tomorrow, just visit and click the big ZOOM LOGIN button I’ve added to the front page. From now on, that will be the easiest way to log into any online lessons we do. No need for a separate email.

Hang in there, friends!




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