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Hey piano students!

This is a page you can use to share messages with me and with other piano students in my studio.

I’m especially interested in having you post videos of your playing while we’re all having to stay at home. 

Videos have to be posted to YouTube first. Then, to share them here, simply copy the link and paste it into a comment below.

You can make your videos UNLISTED on YouTube if you want them to remain hidden from public view. (Don’t set them to PRIVATE. We wouldn’t be able to see them.)

How to upload videos to YouTube from your phone or iPad, then share them on this page.

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Click the camera icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the video you want to upload.
  • In the following screen you can trim the beginning and ending of the video by dragging the blue bars.
  • Tap NEXT in the top right corner.
  • Type a title and short description for your video.
  • Click PRIVACY and select either PUBLIC or UNLISTED.
  • Click UPLOAD in the top right corner.
  • Once the video has uploaded, you might have to refresh the page to see it. To refresh the page, simply pull down.
  • When you see the video, touch it to open.
  • Click the SHARE icon.
  • Click COPY LINK.
  • With the link copied, you can touch and hold in a comment field below to paste it here on this page.


  1. Daniel Light

    Here’s one of my favorite classical music cartoons.

  2. Charlie Grohmann
    • Daniel Light

      Well done, Charlie. This is exactly the format required for your video Guild adjudication. Practice attempt is a win. 🙂


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