How We Do Things

During the academic year, students have weekly private lessons, 45 or 60 minutes in length. The academic year includes 32 lessons, three performance classes, and at least three recitals. Summer lessons are offered on a different schedule, and students are given the opportunity to sign up for those near the end of the school year.

Students learn to read music, they improvise, they compose, they enjoy reinforcing their musical knowledge with iPad apps and computer games.

If you’re within earshot during a lesson, you’re likely to hear lots of laughter. I do my best to make sure students have a joyful experience at their lessons, and that they fall in love with making music. When students are engaged and inspired by the music they’re playing, they’ll be drawn to the piano and will enjoy practicing.

Music and Materials
Students pay a $60 music and materials fee with their June 1 tuition payment (or with the first tuition payment, if starting mid-year). This fee will pay for such things as music books, sheet music, music theory materials, binders, book bags, software and apps we use for lessons, and printing costs through the end of the academic year.

There will likely be an occasional time when a student can’t attend his or her lesson. When you know you’ll have to miss a lesson, please try to trade times with another student and inform me of the change. There are a couple of ways to initiate a trade:

  • Use the trade list to phone or text another student. Find the trade list in your student’s piano binder and under “Downloads” at
  • Send trade requests to all student families at once with this email address: (You do have to be subscribed to the list to be able to send requests.)

It is your responsibility to find someone to trade lessons times. There will be no makeups for lessons missed by the student, and no refunds are given for missed lessons. If the teacher should ever need to cancel a lesson, that missed lesson will be either made up or refunded.

Lesson Termination
If a student chooses to terminate lessons mid-term, I would appreciate a two-week notice. Be reminded that tuition is non-refundable.

Please be courteous and careful about parking. Whenever possible, please park directly in front of my house.

Snow Days
We will always have lessons on snow days unless you are otherwise notified. If you can get here safely, please come. If you can’t get here safely, let’s have a lesson via Skype. I encourage you to install Skype now so that you’ll be prepared for any potential snow days. You can use Skype on any of the available platforms: smartphone, iPad, laptop–whatever is easiest for you.

Summer Lessons
I typically offer eight weeks of lessons in the summer. Students who wish to continue lessons in the fall term must take a minimum of four summer lessons or pay the equivalent fee ($200 plus the $60 annual materials fee) to hold your spot for the school year term. See the Summer Piano page for more details.